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The Line of Succession to the Imperial Throne is a partial list of the people in line to succeed to the throne of the Markian Empire. The succession is regulated by the Succession Act of 2008, which limits it to the original friends and heirs of the His Royal Highness Emperor Mark Sehnert, as determined by male-preference primogeniture, religion, and legitimate birth.

A person is always immediately followed in the succession by his or her own legitimate descendants (his or her "line") except for any legitimate descendants who already appear higher in the line of succession. Birth order and gender matter: older sons (and their lines) come before younger sons (and theirs); a person's sons (and their lines), irrespective of age, all come before his or her daughters (and their lines)

Anyone who is born against the laws of the land, changes their lifestyle against the laws of the land, or marries a person who is against the laws of the land is permanently excluded from the succession.

A person born to parents who are not married to each other at the time of birth is not included in the line of succession. The subsequent marriage of the parents does not alter this. Under Imperial law, a child born to a married woman is assumed to be the child of her husband.

Apart from identifying the next monarch, the line of succession is also used to select the Counselors of State (and a regent if the need arises) under the provisions of the Regency Act 2008.

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